Mycelium is your partner in deploying a DeWi network and making your organization smarter, more cost-effective, inclusive, and IoT ready. Check out our DeWi page to learn more. Join our Enterprise Host Network today, and we will build a customized DeWi network to meet your needs. We provide the infrastructure and IoT sensors to run over the network, at no cost to you.

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What benefits does DeWi bring to your organization?

Save Money

Compared to existing cellular network options, DeWi networks provide crazy cost savings. SIM cards, overage fees, data caps–no thanks. Pay only for what you use, and save your bandwidth for the data that matters.And, we subsidize your initial data cost for being an early adopter of DeWi networks?

Stay Connected

Through deploying low-priced sensors across a warehouse or corporate complex, you now have the ability to “see” your operation in a new way. IoT sensors, running over a DeWi network, will improve your capabilities in ways that will leave your competition in a daze.

Increased Efficiencies

Being connected to ground-level conditions, in real-time, displaces the need for personnel whose primary responsibility is monitoring and status reporting. Human capital can be reassigned to more productive roles. It’s time for technology to free up resources, not the other way around.

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