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As our team reflects upon 2021 and all that was accomplished, it is clear that much of our successes were made possible through the community we have built over the past 18 months.  Because of the tireless efforts of our staff, stakeholders, and community, we grew faster than we ever thought possible.  We are only here today because so many people deeply believe in what we are doing.

Rapid Node Deployment Created A Nationwide IoT TestBed

What started as a dream has rapidly grown from 37 nodes to 250+ nodes deployed in Northwest Arkansas. Through our community building efforts, we built relationships with individuals, businesses, and organizations passionate about making Northwest Arkansas a thriving tech hub. Each of these groups took an active role in building this network with us to create strong and reliable coverage throughout this area. As a result, we assembled a dense IoT TestBed that allows us the opportunity to recruit talent and developers to the area that can create solutions for some of Arkansas’ leading industries.

Pledged $1 Million of Data to Attract Developers and Entrepreneurs to NWA

It is no secret that big business is a large driver of the growth in Northwest Arkansas. With corporations like Walmart, JB Hunt, Tyson, and more, we are seeing massive increases in the amount of people moving to NWA; however, our area is still significantly behind as it applies to tech innovation. Since inception, retaining and recruiting top tech talent to Northwest Arkansas has been a passion of the organization, but we needed the TestBed before we could focus on that goal. This year, with the creation of our test bed, we pledged $1 million of data to spur innovation on the network and attract tech developers and entrepreneurs to this area.

A Team of Trailblazers to Take Us to the Next Level

In late 2020, Mycelium Networks was made up of only three employees with a vision to make the TestBed dream a reality. As the TestBed grew rapidly with the deployment of nodes throughout NWA, the needs of Mycelium exploded. Subsequently, our leadership embarked on a journey to hire the best Northwest Arkansas had to offer. A short year later, we have hired 15 trailblazers that will propel us into the next level of growth for our company, but we aren’t done yet. As our TestBed continues to expand, our need for passionate, innovative team members will follow.

Over the past year, we made significant progress towards our goal of accelerating the world’s adoption of decentralized networks.  We invite you to take a peek at our 2021 Year in Review and celebrate our successes alongside us.  Our team has big goals for 2022, and there is no doubt that we will achieve them with you – our community.

Cheers to 2022.