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The premier launching grounds for decentralized networks.

Our Testbed. Your Playground.

Test your Network at Scale

From coverage-based network deployments to data-centric collection systems, the Mycelium Testbed supports a full range of decentralized hardware.

Utilize our Existing Infrastructure

Tap into an already established 400+ locations to launch your project across the entire geographical footprint of the Testbed overnight.

Collect Real-World Data

The Testbed’s ability to simulate different conditions in real-world scenarios leads to valuable insights into your project’s performance and resiliency.

Leave Deployment to Us

Work closely with Mycelium to customize your hardware deployment strategy. Our team handles the fleet, so your team can focus on results.


What is the Testbed?

The Mycelium Testbed is the world’s first decentralized physical infrastructure playground.

Spanning across Northwest Arkansas, with a diverse set of deployment scenarios, the Testbed provides a comprehensive testing grounds for decentralized network technologies.

Notable Testbed coverage areas include the Northwest Arkansas Airport, University of Arkansas, Walton Arts Center, The Amp, and the headquarters to three Fortune 500 companies: Walmart, JB Hunt, and Tyson. These locations and coverage zones serve as a base layer for the deployment and testing of new decentralized infrastructure.

What types of technology does the Testbed support?

Over the last few years, Mycelium has built a network of locations capable of supporting a range of infrastructure. Decentralized Infrastructure is a category of networking equipment that provides coverage to a greater network while being independently owned/maintained.

Currently saturated as one of the densest Helium IoT coverage zones on the planet, the Testbed has effectively laid the foundation for new networks to be built on top of–or alongside–this base layer of Testbed connectivity. Mycelium is currently rolling out 5G cellular infrastructure across the Testbed. However, DeWi (decentralized wireless) is not the only kind of technology supported. Any decentralized hardware, including data collection devices, power solutions, climate tracking and mapping technologies all have a home in the Mycelium Testbed.

How are new network deployments managed?

Mycelium works closely with teams to carefully curate an individualized deployment strategy for each technology in the Testbed. Each project comes with its own purpose, impact, and design. In addition, the particular geography, launch phases, and goals of your team must be taken into account in order to successfully deploy your project. Once a strategy has been established, Mycelium manages, maintains, and adjusts your deployment as needed so your team can focus on the data created and performance improvements. We take a long-term approach with every Testbed project.

Why are new networks joining the Testbed?

Teams behind these new decentralized networks need a place to launch, and the Testbed unlocks the ability to deploy infrastructure with ease, speed, and expertise in a controlled setting.

The Testbed is the best place to plan, deploy, and test your decentralized infrastructure project with Mycelium acting as a partner: making adjustments and collecting data before launching at scale.

Why Mycelium?

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s adoption of decentralized networks. As early adopters of the Helium network with decades of experience in blockchain and distributed hardware systems, we take pride in what we have built. Through a phased approach, we’ve successfully launched a series of network installations and built a large collection of available deployment sites in the process. These initial steps helped us create a Testbed that could support the wide array of technologies launching in this emerging industry of decentralized physical infrastructure networks.

Now, the Mycelium team is ready to help other builders launch with our trusted expertise and everything the Testbed has to offer.

How can I get started?

To learn more about the Testbed and how it may help support your project, complete the form below. One of our team members will reach out to you for next steps, including gaining an initial understanding of your project’s purpose and goals.

All projects supported by Mycelium in the Testbed must first complete a verification process performed by the Mycelium Team to ensure the security of your hardware–for both your team and our Host Network.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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