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Tabs 101: What are Tabs?

Tabs are the ultimate way to keep track of the things that matter most to you! These new location trackers operate entirely off of our Network and require no subscription fees (yes, really!). While still in the early days of development, our Tabs are small, durable devices that are water resistant, dust proof, and easily fit in your pocket. They have a long battery life, which can last up to 6 months on a single charge and are more sustainable as they require less energy to operate. Every single person receives a free Tab as a gift when they join our Host Program.

Tiny Builders of the Testbed

The ever growing IoT Testbed Network we are developing is exactly that: a Testbed. Tabs were introduced to provide our Hosts with an instant, simple way to interact with and learn about the Network we are building. In addition to keeping track of personal belongings, Tabs help us strengthen the entire Testbed by letting us know where coverage might be weakest. As our Network grows and we send more Tabs out into the wild, we are able to add more Nodes to ensure ever-increasing performance for Tabs and the many new and innovative technologies to come.

The Network is in Your Hands

If you are already familiar with Tabs, you know their power and how they can make tracking personal items a breeze. To those users, we thank you for interacting with Tabs and being an important part of our growing community! Your Tab helps support the overall refinement of the Network, and plays an important role when it comes to troubleshooting software, app development, and mapping of the Network. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to share one of our first devices on the Network with you.

If you would like to purchase a Tab, have questions about Tabs, or would like to receive one for free by joining our Host Program, please contact us: