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At Mycelium Networks, we love giving back to our Hosts! We had such a great time interacting with our Hosts during our April Giveaway Program, we decided to give away some more items….

So every month, Mycelium will be randomly selecting 5 lucky Hosts for our monthly Tab giveaway.

Not only do you receive $100 for every referral, but you now automatically have a chance to win a free Tab each month just for being a Host! It’s just our way of saying thanks to those who make our Network possible.

More Information about Tabs:

What are Helium Tabs? Glad you asked.

Tabs are a simple and affordable way to keep track of the things that matter most to you. Unlike existing trackers, Tabs do not need to be near another phone to be located or require a subscription. Tabs have dust and water-splash resistant housing and can be attached to anything you want to track.

Tabs use The People’s Network, which is found in over 1,000+ cities in North America. Coverage is easily created by installing a Hotspot in your home or business. Think about the hotspot as an internet router. It emits a LongFi signal similar to WiFi, but it extends for miles instead of feet.

Tabs have a rechargeable battery which can stay charged 10x longer than other tracking devices. There’s no need to buy batteries because Tabs use a USB-C charging port. Depending on your preferences and settings, Tabs can last much longer than some of the most popular devices out there.

Tabs are simple to set up. Simply download the app and scan the QR code on your Tab. You can individually name each Tab and customize its color and icon. The App is available on iOS and Android.

To purchase Tabs, please visit our store.