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Revolutionizing Our Network

As Mycelium Networks continues to build our Network across Northwest Arkansas, our goal is simple — to make sure we build the most powerful and reliable Network. Our Pro Setups will revolutionize our Network by being the pillars needed to provide more reliability and stronger coverage to our community. We have several Hosts who have upgraded to our Pro Setups, and have already seen performance improvements over our Network.

What This Means For Our Community

Our Network started over a year ago with our Hosts having Simple Setups. This was the quickest way for us to begin building. As Mycelium grew and evolved as a company, we learned that Pro Setups provide a more permanent and reliable solution for our growing Network. We want to share this Pro Setup upgrade with everyone as we continue to pioneer Network growth in Northwest Arkansas, helping turn our community into a true Smart City.

Everybody Wins

Expanding our Network and rewarding our Hosts has always been our Mission. We understand not all homes and businesses are equipped to host a Pro Setup, however, know that your Simple Setup is still very important in providing coverage. The total performance of the overall Network improves with the addition of every new Pro Setup we deploy. Know that even your Simple Setup’s coverage gets stronger every day.

Upgrade To Pro

Installation is easy, and Pro Setups are done by our Network professionals who will work around your time and schedule.