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What started as a dream in the middle of a worldwide pandemic has grown into a thriving tech company right here in Northwest Arkansas.

Mycelium Networks, a Fayetteville based company, set forth to build a nationwide IoT testbed that would bring innovative technology and creators to the Ozarks. A short 15 months later, the team at Mycelium, alongside their community partners, have built a dense and thriving decentralized network that will certainly bring their dream to life. Now known on a national and global scale, Mycelium Networks is ready for their next phase: community.

Mycelium Networks’ mission is to accelerate the world’s adoption of decentralized networks

This can only be achieved through education, participation, and partnerships. Mycelium is excited to be leading the way and putting Northwest Arkansas on the map for this to happen right here. The technology that Mycelium Networks has built has the potential to create many efficiencies for nearly every industry in our area. For that reason, Mycelium is inviting the entire community – individuals, organizations, city and business leaders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and innovators, to join us in learning how decentralized networks can improve processes. Retaining tech talent in Arkansas is also a passion of the company; therefore, there is much excitement to offer opportunities to students and technology professionals in the area to ensure the best talent stays here in NWA. In addition, if you are already active in the Helium ecosystem, there is also a place for you. Mycelium Networks is excited to partner with you to ensure a stable and strong network in our community. Mycelium Founder and CEO, Rishi Mittal, has high expectations for what this release will mean for Mycelium’s future. “This is by far the most exciting stage of our journey: the part where we invite our community to participate in building the future here, together. I can’t wait to watch our Community embrace this opportunity,” said Mittal.

Decentralized networks are the future

Mycelium Networks is confident that Northwest Arkansas is the perfect place to grow and build innovative technology. Let’s make Northwest Arkansas the next Silicon Valley – a place for tech and innovation to flourish.