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Greetings to our NWA Community

As many of you already know, Mycelium Networks recently relocated back to Fayetteville, Arkansas after a brief stint at our operating warehouse in Rogers. Needless to say, our new offices are a huge upgrade for our team and will serve us well into the future.

Our team has been busy scurrying to get our new work-home set up and organized over the past 6 weeks, and we are happy to announce that we are finally open for visitors! We would like to open our doors and invite our growing NWA Community to the Mycelium offices for a visit!

So, if you’re a Host with us (or interested in Hosting), a current or future Developer, interested in our Internship Program or in joining our Team in a full-time role, or even just in the area wanting to learn more about us or meet the team, we welcome you!

If you’d like to swing by, send us an e-mail or contact one of our team members, and we’ll set up a visit.

Sincerely, Team Mycelium