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Mycelium Networks, founded in Fayetteville, has been proudly operating out of a warehouse in Rogers, Arkansas over the last 8 months. After founding the company in a kitchen in Fayetteville, the “Factory” in Rogers allowed us to build our company in typical start-up fashion–in a 5,000 s/f glorified garage space where we could build freely.

Now, as our Network has grown and matured, so have our needs around what makes for a thriving Network company. We needed both space for our growing team and a home that would be capable of supporting our bold ambitions into the future. Although we will miss the “Factory” dearly, we are proud to have chosen the Mill District in South Fayetteville for our return home!

Our original deployment began 1 year ago in Fayetteville. Coming home allows us to be closer to the very heartbeat of our Network.

Mycelium Networks has many exciting projects in the works. If you are interested in learning more about our company, building your business on the network, joining our Host Program, becoming a team member, or are looking for a rewarding internship experience, contact us.