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The next evolution of our network

As the Helium network approaches 100,000+ Nodes, the next evolution of the network is in the hands of Validators. What is a Validator?

  • Validators are computers that store and maintain an updated copy of the blockchain.
  • Validators are periodically elected to join the “consensus group.” These Validators receive encrypted transactions, coordinate amongst each other to verify the data, and then record that data to the blockchain
  • Running Validators requires a great deal of technical knowledge and a significant monetary deposit for each participating Validator.

What this means for the Helium community

Validators take the computational load off of coverage Nodes and allow for optimal network performance. This means that blocks are produced on-time or sooner, making the network run quickly and without lag. Validators are a behind-the-scenes layer which brings speed and efficiency to the blockchain. Mycelium is proudly powering in excess of 1% of the entire global Helium blockchain validation effort!

What this means for Northwest Arkansas

Validators allow coverage Nodes to work more efficiently, and this is important for improving the network we have built in Northwest Arkansas. As our Validators have come online, the performance of our network has improved greatly. Further, running Validators from Northwest Arkansas on behalf of the entire world-wide Helium network puts Northwest Arkansas on the map globally.

What this means for our Hosts

Validators support the contribution of our Hosts! Supporting and maintaining Validators is equally as important as hosting a Node when it comes to blockchain. Essentially, Nodes can now focus solely on providing coverage, while our Validators handle all of the heavy lifting. Tabs and other devices operating on the network are already seeing immediate increased performance. This is a huge step for the future of our network!