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Over the last year, Mycelium Networks has partnered with the University of Arkansas to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind internship experience for students. Valuing ambition and creativity, our open-ended intern track is unlike anything else out there. Keep reading to learn more!

About the Program

Mycelium Networks was born out of a living room in true tech startup fashion. In the early days, the Founders had to be resourceful and creative in launching the initial Network. Cash was limited (or non-existent), but the Network had to be built. Ambition and creativity, mixed with discipline, are the life-blood of startups. Mycelium launched its Internship Program with UARK to preserve and promote this entrepreneurial atmosphere and energy.

Interns at Mycelium enter into a “choose your own internship” type of journey. Upon acceptance, students are invited in and exposed to multiple areas of the inner-workings of a startup business. From there, interns are able to gravitate towards their interests while getting to work with team members on projects across business functions. Our internships are designed to be completely flexible where students pick their own time commitments, work hours, areas of focus, and creative side projects. Needless to say, it’s pretty great being a Mycelium Intern!

Developments and Success

While all of our internships are unpaid, students are given ample opportunity to show off their skills, ability to learn, and effectiveness in a team setting. In fact, over 80% of our interns to-date have received job offers or joined the Team in some way. Regardless of the academic track, all students are exposed to new emerging network technology, blockchain systems, cryptocurrency research, supply chain, business marketing, startup culture, customer service, and lateral teamwork. Here’s what Superintern and now Analyst with Mycelium, Nolan Fowler, had to say about his experience:

“I found out about Mycelium through the website Handshake, and it was one of the first internship programs I found, so I did a little research and decided it would be a great place to apply. Mycelium is a fascinating company and I’m still constantly learning more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized networks every single day. I was also able to refine my communication skills, collaboration, time management, and creativity while interning at Mycelium.

Blockchain and IoT are very important in today’s world especially in business. Supply chains are using blockchain to help reduce communication errors, marketers are using blockchain to make cheaper and more accurate advertisements, the IoT network is making business much more productive and efficient. These are very important concepts to know about and with this newfound knowledge I’ll have a large advantage over other job applicants in the near future.

To other students looking for an internship, I would definitely recommend giving Mycelium a look. It’s a fun, collaborative, laid back work environment and the projects we work on are never dull. The service we provide isn’t the easiest to explain or market, but the challenge of getting a new and exciting message out makes the Internship Program so rewarding. If you’re looking for a good way to refine and add to your business skills while also learning about exciting new technology, this would be a great place to apply!

How to Apply

The easiest way to apply if you’re a UARK student is via the Handshake application process located here. For students at other schools or recent graduates, send your resume and a brief sentence or two about your interest in the Internship Program.

Current Superinterns
Front Row (from left to right): Peyton Miller, Claire Anderson, Nick Carpintino
Back Row (from left to right): Vaayu Balusu, Lilly Jackson, Nolan Fowler, Will Ballard