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Over a year ago, Mycelium Networks set out to build a decentralized mesh-network in Northwest Arkansas. With the help of our Hosts, we are proud to say that our network is thriving and here to stay! We are over 200 Hosts strong with a productive network and want to increase our Host Program incentives as a way to say thank you. Without our Hosts, there would be no network.

Moving forward, we will be increasing our Host Program incentives and implementing a new tiered structure. The first tier encompasses most of our existing Hosts: a Simple setup inside of the home. Simple setups are for everyone! This fits everyone’s situation and is the quickest and easiest way to support the network and provide coverage to our Northwest Arkansas community. As a part of our new Host Program, all Simple setups will receive a 50% increase in their monthly payments.

The true innovation to our Host Program will be our Pro setups. These new Pro setups will allow Mycelium Networks to bring a new level of quality to the network we have built. Pro setups bring a more permanent and reliable performance, which also better serves the network as a whole. In fact, Mycelium Networks integrates these Pro setups as “pillars” into the long-term Northwest Arkansas community network strategy.

Mycelium Networks’ new Host Program is the dawn of a new era for Northwest Arkansas.

For more information on how you can help, feel free to email us at: or visit to become a Host today!