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One year ago to this day, our Founder and CEO Rishi Mittal set out to build a wireless mesh network connecting all of Northwest Arkansas. He envisioned a network with a size and scale large enough to bring the potential “smart city” advancement to the area decades ahead of what was previously believed possible. Mycelium Networks was born out of a global pandemic with a vision to bring innovative technology to the Ozarks, for a change–instead of Silicon Valley. 

Our network began humbly with close friends and family agreeing to put our “experimental little box” inside of their homes. As our network began to grow, so would our need to deploy more of our network nodes. In response, we developed the Mycelium Host Program–with all credit going to our Hosts. One year later, our company is strong and our network is providing strong coverage to most of Northwest Arkansas.

As one of the country’s largest super-operators of the Helium network, Mycelium’s plan for Year 2 includes attracting Developers to build on our network by providing them free data in order to make their vision possible. We believe that communication networks should be in the hands of the people, and we are working tirelessly to turn that belief into reality. With our community’s continued help and support, Mycelium Networks is here to stay. We look forward to making Northwest Arkansas a hub for innovation and technology, the next Silicon Valley.

Today, we celebrate our first birthday and look forward to even bigger plans in the year ahead! Thank you to everyone for your support. We won’t stop until we accomplish our mission.