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Mycelium Networks operates a regional testbed for innovation across Northwest Arkansas. Our LoRaWAN network supporting the Helium Blockchain Ecosystem is the result of the first 18 months of our efforts. Over the next 18 months, our goal is to double our network’s footprint over while inspiring entrepreneurs to create and utilize the infrastructure we have deployed. We don’t just plan to grow geographically, but to use this foundation to expand into other blockchain ecosystems that will help further innovate our testbed.

The Helium Network

Web3 is still the internet but powered by a decentralized online ecosystem of computers running a similar blockchain client, instead of a dedicated server or singular cloud service provider. Much larger, richer, and more complex applications can be created and available at scale. Anyone with a desire can create an application, without the massive upfront cost of computing resources. There may be no such thing as an equalizer, but Web3 is the greatest potential vacuum of global disparity to have ever existed.


Hosts contribute to the network through a Node placed at their home or business, and are compensated monthly for their contributions. Their commitment to building a global IoT Testbed in Northwest Arkansas will usher in new innovation and technology that will revolutionize some of Arkansas’ largest industries. Hosting is for anyone, and is the simplest way to participate in the Ecosystem.


Explorers are local individuals who maintain their own equipment to deploy the Helium network. We ensure their contribution to the IoT Testbed is valuable by sharing resources and feedback to make certain their equipment is functioning at peak performance. As allies, we work together to build and maintain the strongest IoT network, and work towards providing ubiquitous coverage to our community. Explorers have a more involved role in the Ecosystem than Hosts as they’re
responsible for the quality of coverage they are providing.


Builders are the visionaries who design devices that operate on the IoT Testbed we’ve built. They unlock the potential of the network by creating devices which transform industries like agriculture, transportation, food production, and more. Their devices utilize the coverage provided by our Hosts and Explorers, and give purpose to the network. Builders are a fundamental part of the Ecosystem, as well as the development and implementation of IoT solutions in Northwest Arkansas.


Developers create data solutions to make the information IoT devices collect more user friendly. By creating easy to use interfaces built on top of the network, they’re able to organize and interpret information to a comprehensible form. Developers are essential to the Ecosystem, and the key to making IoT solutions accessible to the average consumer.

Be a Part of Our Ecosystem

Each component of the Mycelium Ecosystem is essential to the vitality of another, and are our primary connections within our community. Contact us to learn more about where you fit in to the Ecosystem

A global leader in decentralization located in Northwest Arkansas.
We are the thread between Web3 and the communities in which we operate.