Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of decentralized networks.

Our Story

Founded in 2020 (at the height of a global pandemic) by a CPA that wanted to prove that decentralized systems and services are the way of the future, Founder and CEO, Rishi Mittal, raised a few thousand dollars from old college friends to purchase the initial nodes. After deploying 28 nodes in 4 days, The Network quite literally came to life on the map, and in that moment, it was apparent that Mycelium Networks was a long-term endeavor.

Within 3 months of inception, the company was able to attract their first angel investor. His investment allowed Mycelium to purchase the equipment to blanket Northwest Arkansas in coverage, hire their first employee, and move out of the living room and into a non-climate controlled warehouse, which made for a very interesting Arkansas summer. The warehouse wasn’t much, but it provided everything the company needed at the time – a space for innovation, growth, inspiration, and collaboration.

Fast forward to today, Mycelium Networks is a thriving technology company. What started as a two man operation, spread across a living room and kitchen, has rapidly grown into a community company that has built one of the densest Helium networks in the United States, with plans to deploy other decentralized networks in the future. Mycelium has moved from the warehouse back to their homebase of Fayetteville and hired an additional 17 employees eager to move the organization into its next phase of growth.


We belive that our community is a key factor of our past, present, and future success. We constantly engage our community and rely heavily on their support, challenges, and promotions.


Education is often the greatest hurdle in the face of progress. At Mycelium, we believe it is a worthy investment to take the time to educate our communities on new and innovative technologies.


Web3 provides the greatest avenue to innovation for the largest number of people in recorded history. We use the decentralizing power of blockchain to become an agent of change.


Mycelium Networks operates a regional testbed for innovation across Northwest Arkansas. Our LoRaWAN network supporting the Helium Blockchain Ecosystem is the result of the first 18 months of our efforts. Over the next 18 months, our goal is to double our network’s footprint over while inspiring entrepreneurs to create and utilize the infrastructure we have deployed. We don’t just plan to grow geographically, but to use this foundation to expand into other blockchain ecosystems that will help further innovate our testbed.

What is Web3?

Web3 is still the internet but powered by a decentralized online ecosystem of computers running a similar blockchain client, instead of a dedicated server or singular cloud service provider. Much larger, richer, and more complex applications can be created and available at scale. Anyone with a desire can create an application, without the massive upfront cost of computing resources. There may be no such thing as an equalizer, but Web3 is the greatest potential vacuum of global disparity to have ever existed.

A global leader in decentralization located in Northwest Arkansas.
We are the thread between Web3 and the communities in which we operate.