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Web3 provides the greatest avenue to innovation for the largest number of people in recorded history. We use the decentralizing power of blockchain to become an agent of change.


Education is often the greatest hurdle in the face of progress. At Mycelium, we believe it is a worthy investment to take the time to educate our communities on new and innovative technologies.


We believe that our community is a key factor of our past, present, and future success. We constantly engage our community and rely heavily on their support, challenges, and promotions.


Encompassing the entire Northwest Arkansas region, the Mycelium Testbed was established as a fertile testing grounds for new decentralized infrastructure networks in the United States. Currently supporting some of the most robust Internet of Things (IoT) coverage in the world, the Testbed serves as a foundation for the deployment of emerging technologies.


Comprised of hundreds of individual residents and businesses, Mycelium Hosting is a way for anyone to participate in the decentralized revolution without the need for technical knowledge or the cost of expensive hardware. Mycelium Hosts are crucial to the Mycelium Testbed, assisting in the facilitation of geographically-dispersed hardware deployments.



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